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Starting today, the recipients of over $550 million in corporate tax breaks is now online, thanks in part to the research and public education efforts of OSPIRG and others.

In 2010, OSPIRG’s Dave Rosenfeld & Jon Bartholomew dug through government documents and revealed that Oregon taxpayers shoulder the cost of more than $600 million in subsidies to corporations - an amount equaling nearly 60 percent of Oregon’s budget shortfall.

However, until now, the public had no easy way to know which corporations benefit from the subsidies or what public value they create in exchange for public funds, making these programs a potential source of government waste.

The report made front-page news in the Salem Statesman-Journal, and sparked a bi-partisan effort for reform.

Thanks in part to those efforts, the details of many of these tax breaks are now online. Look for an analysis of what's up there soon.