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Vote YES for OSPIRG!

By University of Oregon

** Vote YES for OSPIRG! ** Vote yes for student advocacy! **
Vote ONLINE on Duck Web
Monday to Thursday, April 10-13, 
in the Student Government Elections.

Go to, click student menu, click Vote Now 2017 ASUO Regular Elections. Scroll to the very bottom, vote yes on OSPIRG, question 98.

**What is OSPIRG?**

OSPIRG (the Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group) is a statewide, student-directed nonprofit. We train student leaders and engage the student body on important issues like environmental protection, hunger relief, and the cost of college. OSPIRG started at the University of Oregon in 1971, when students first voted to form and fund a chapter. We stand up for the public against powerful special interests; and, by pairing student passion with staff expertise we get results. UO students have an opportunity this week to vote to maintain OSPIRG’s funding on campus.

* Social change & advocacy *
* Environmental protection *
* Promoting civic engagement *
* Protecting public health *

**Recent Victories**

FIGHTING GLOBAL WARMING - In 2016 we helped pass the Coal to Clean bill, which got our state to commit to get off of dirty coal energy, and to get 50% of our energy from renewable sources like solar and wind.

PROTECTING PUBLIC HEALTH - In 2015, students joined a national campaign that convinced Subway and McDonald’s to commit to serving all meat raised without antibiotics to protect our life saving medicines and public health. In 2017, we convinced KFC to follow suit. Now the majority of the American poultry industry is raised without routine antibiotics.

MAKING COLLEGE MORE AFFORDABLE - We helped pass the Affordable Textbooks bill which limited publishing companies’ abilities to rip students off. We also helped pass the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which increased federal financial aid by $36 billion.

ALLEVIATING HUNGER AND HOMELESSNESS - We partner with Food for Lane County to collect over 3,000 food and clothing items for our community each year.

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Every year we help 9,000 UO take action on an issue they care about like signing a petition, lobbying or calling in to their legislator, donating to charity, or learning new information about a policy issue. Through our internship program we are training the next generation of leaders. State leaders like Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and State Rep Nancy Nathanson got their start as OSPIRG interns at UO.

**Vote YES for OSPIRG**

**Funded through a $1.75 fee**
We are currently funded through a fee allocation of $1.75 per-student per-term. Voting yes will maintain this SAME fee for the next two years with NO increase or decrease, and make the fee refundable. Our student fee is less than 1% of the student government budget. We pool this money with other chapters across the state in a statewide student association to have more advocacy power, and so we can hire professional organizers who help give students a voice on issues that concern us as citizens and who train us to be more effective social change agents.