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OSPIRG Educates 675 K-2 Kids about Energy Conservation

By Jenn Engstrom
Organizing Director

While most college students spend this week cramming for finals at home, 15 students from OSPIRG’s Energy Service Corps spent the week educating 675 K-12 students in classrooms across Eugene about energy conservation.

This week was OSPIRG’s first annual Energy Education Week.

 “We wanted to organize a week to educate our community about energy conservation” said Helena Schlegel Education Week Coordinator.  “With more cold winter months and high electricity bills ahead of us, teaching our youth about how to save energy at home is a great way to give back.”

Volunteers with OSPIRG’s Energy Service Corps provided engaging, hands-on educational presentations for students of all ages that focus on the value of conserving energy and promote environmental stewardship.  The presentations also left students with concrete ways that they can save energy at home and at school – from turning off electronics and switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs.   

“Here in Oregon we waste a ton of energy every second of the day, so it is essential that we instill in the next generation a better understanding of energy conservation,” said Schlegel.  “There are a lot of simple things that people can do at home to save energy, but most people just don’t know what they are.  We want to set up our youth to spread the word about the importance of saving energy and how easy it can be.”