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Peanut Butter in Bellies


It’s hard to believe, but Oregon has the highest rate of child food insecurity in the country, with nearly 30% of children with limited or uncertain access to adequate food.  What’s more is that the number of families in need is on the rise.  Right now 138,000 people in Lane County are eligible for food assistance, up from 124,000 people last year.  Food banks are struggling to keep up.   

 OSPIRG is pairing up with Food for Lane County, the second largest food pantry in the state, to mobilize students at the U of O and Lane County Community College to meet the increased need.  In September, we launched a campaign to provide Food for Lane County with 30,000 meals. 


Yesterday, the U of O’s OSPIRG chapter hosted its Peanut Butter in Bellies to generate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Food for Lane County.  We engaged over forty volunteers in making 1041 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  This year OSPIRG has generated nearly 1700 food items and raised over $1500 for Food for Lane County.