Stop Global Warming

No New Dirty Power Plants

Already, we’re experiencing the devastating impacts of extreme weather.  In November, Typhoon Haiyan’s devastation in the Philippines, which may have claimed up to 10,000 lives, is just the latest horrific example of what climate change looks like. Scientists warn that things will get worse for future generations and for us if we fail to act.

To protect our future from even more extreme weather events like these, we must dramatically reduce the carbon pollution fueling global warming – in America, that means cleaning up our power plants, the largest single source of carbon pollution and shifting to clean energy like wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

President Obama has a climate action plan to limit the carbon pollution coming from power plants. Power companies, the coal industry and their allies in Congress are running climate denial campaigns and trying to block President Obama from cleaning up dangerous carbon pollution.

By rallying millions of American citizens, along with local elected officials and other powerful voices to back the president’s plan – we can clean up the largest source of carbon pollution – power plants and take a major step towards a solving for global warming.

Campaign Updates

Media Hit | Energy

OSPIRG Protests the LNG Pipeline

Last week, Southern Oregon University’s chapter of the Oregon Students Public Interest Research Group (OSPIRG), had their Week of Action for their lead campaign: Defend Our Rivers.

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Media Hit | Energy

OSPIRG helps create plan to guide universities toward 100 percent renewable energy

OSPIRG has collaborated with Environment Oregon to release a 10 point plan to guide campuses toward establishing a 100 percent renewable energy system.

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Report | Energy

Renewable Energy 101: Ten Tools for Moving Your Campus to 100% Clean Energy

America’s institutions of higher education can play a leadership role in the fight to prevent the worst impacts of global warming. Colleges and universities across the country should aggressively deploy clean energy on campus, setting a goal to meet all their energy needs with clean renewable resources.

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Report | Environment America Research & Policy Center | Energy

Renewable Energy 100

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