Protect Crater Lake

Crater Lake is Oregon’s crown jewel — its deep blue waters and 2,000-foot rim walls attract half a million visitors each year. The surrounding mountains and forests are home to Roosevelt elk, black bears and bald eagles. The forests around Crater Lake also shelter the headwaters of the Rogue, Umpqua and Deschutes rivers, where Chinook and Coho salmon spawn.  Logging companies are pushing to clear-cut old-growth forest right outside the boundaries Crater Lake National Park—and the destruction could start right away.

We need to fight to make sure the logging companies don't trample pristine wilderness and cause irreparable harm to Crater Lake's delicate ecosystem.  Because logging proposals near Crater Lake involve national forest land, they must be approved by President Obama's National Forest Service. OSPIRG's Protect Crater Lake campaign is calling on President Obama to block any reckless proposals to clear-cut the forest near Crater Lake.

Issue updates

OSPIRG Kicking off Their 2017 Campaigns

OSPIRG is back in full swing with new and existing missions including the existing “Save the Bees” campaign and their upcoming project called “Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics.” 

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Media Hit | Energy, Sustainability

EPA now accepting public comments about proposed coal regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency is now accepting written comments concerning their proposed carbon pollution standards for new power plants until March 10. The new standards would end construction of any new coal-fired power plants in the U.S.

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Blog Post | Sustainability

Protect Clean Air | OSPIRG Students

Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: carbon pollution spewing from power plants fuels global warming, which threatens our health through dirtier air. Left unchecked, the deterioration of air quality triggers asthma attacks, heart attacks and other fatal diseases.

Click here to support limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

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Blog Post | Consumer Protection, Foods, Waste

Stop Subsidizing Junk Food: Galley Closing and Panel

Government subsidies that benefit big agribusinesses, like Monsanto and Cargill, have made products like corn syrup so cheap that it's less expensive to buy a Twinkle than a bunch of carrots. The majority of these subsidies go to less than 10% of farms in America, and yet these farms receive more than $245 billion to grow only a handful of cash crops that are made into unhealthy, processed foods. It should come as no suprise to us then that childhood obesity has more than quadrupled in the last forty years. We need to end this wasteful government spending program.

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