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EUGENE, Ore. — Now that people in Oregon have more choices when it comes to health insurance, one group at the University of Oregon is working to inform students about all of their options when it comes to health insurance.

Thursday was the third day since the launch and Cover Oregon says it’s seen a high volume of traffic on its website. UO student Shawn Stevenson is working to teach other UO students about their health insurance choices. 

“There’s students who are either on their parents’ health, health care plan which is going end by 26 (years old), which sounds like it’s far away, but it’s still a pressing issue. Then you’ve also got students who are on the school plan; so, once they graduate, they no longer have access to that plan,” Stevenson said.

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With the help of fellow OSPIRG volunteers, the group’s created a guide to health insurance.

“Basically what it is, is it’s a guide for students, and really the public in general, to go through get some helpful tips in language that they can understand; plain English because health care, health insurance, can be pretty complex issue,” Stevenson said.

They’re handing out pamphlets about the new online marketplace, Cover Oregon.

“Well we know that there are over 560,000 Oregonians who are uninsured in the state, so that’s not a surprise,” said Amy Fauver, Cover Oregon Spokesperson.
Since the Cover Oregon online marketplace launched, visitors have encountered some technical difficulties.

“People are experiencing slow, slow response times in terms of pages loading. That was because we were getting at one point 20,000-30,000 hits a minute from these folks who were coming to our site to take a look,” Fauver said.

By the end of Wednesday, 140,000 people visited the website. Another 4,700 called the group with questions.

Stevenson is hopeful uninsured Oregonians will be able to find the best coverage.

“I’m hoping it really helps people in the future to make the best decision for their health insurance needs,” Stevenson said.

Cover Oregon will not release any enrollment numbers until the end of October.

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