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Chris McKee

EUGENE, Ore. (KMTR) -- A volunteer effort in Eugene from students trying to help the environment, all while helping fellow university students save some cash on their electric bill. 

Sunday, November 6th, 2011, about 30 students from across the Pacific Northwest stopped by five different sororities and fraternities around the UO campus to help tenants weatherize and save electricity.

The volunteer group replaced old light bulbs, caulked windows and cracks, also laid out weather stripping in gaps around doors.

Organizers of the event did it as part of a climate change conference this weekend called “Power Shift West.”

“I think it’s clear with a lot of the disasters that have gone on, from things in the gulf, to all of our dependence on dirty fossil fuels polluting our air… that we need to reduce that. And one of the best ways to do that is to reduce our energy usage,” says Charles Denson, a co-organizer of the Power Shift West Conference, and Board Chair for OSPIRG at the University of Oregon campus.

Volunteers did the work at Delta Gamma, Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Nu, Sigma Mu Omega  and Sigma Pi as well.

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